What is important employer branding in 2019?

  • Daniel 


What makes a good employer today?

What do employees look for?

Some companies are testing the concept of being able to take vacation whenever they want. In Sweden we have a mandated 4 weeks of vacation, but the US is the only country in the western world with no governement mandated vacation.

With the introduction of a new work force in the workforce: the millenials.

Born in 1986, I am included in the millenials, but I can’t say I can relate to everything with someone born 10-15 years later. These people have grown up with Internet always being readily available.


More and more moving in to the gig economy with freelancers. This is flexible and great for people who like to be their own bosses.

It is now possible to get help with this using many different services.

I have heard Freshbooks works great, but I am not sure.


So what is important?

Here are some things that are important in 2019:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Feeling empowered
  • Making a difference
  • Freedom to take time off
  • Continous learning


I think the balance here is quite difficult. It is important to be together with the team, but empowering.

There are some companies experiencing with a no offices setup.

Remote meetings are a great complement, but as you can see in the below video, there are some complications with this setup:Work from anywhere


Feeling empowered and not micromanaged.


Continuing to learn is very important for employees in 2019. In many modern occupations, such as in IT, it is possible to learn the trade without any formal eduation.

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