How a Laptop on Your Lap Affects Your Sperm Count

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Sperm count and laptop


I have heard this for quite some time now. Having a laptop in your lap causes your sperm count to go down due to the heat.

So I started to investigate the topic, and I cover my findings in this blog post.

According to Family Doctor, around 15% of all couples are infertile.

The correlation between heat and sperm

The male testicles are in a pouch outside the body for a reason, to keep them cool.

Prolonged periods of heat has shown to decrease fertility in men temporarily.

It is shown that the extra heat can cause lower amounts of sperm and quality, but not leading to infertility.

Wi-fi and sperm count

There are articles out there that mention that wifi from laptops may lead to DNA damage in the sperm.

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that the radiation is high enough to cause any damage. According to some sources, the radiation from the wifi from your laptop is not higher than that of being outdoors.

Recommendations for higher sperm count

Some common recommendations for men that are planning on fathering children:

  • Don’t have a laptop in your lap
  • Don’t take hot baths
  • Don’t take hot saunas
  • Don’t use seat heaters
  • Avoid tight clothing

Apart from the heat from the laptop, there is also the additional heat of sitting with your legs together.

The scrotum doesn’t get enough time to cool down but is in a constant overheated state.

The tests have been carried out by extracting sperm from a man and using them in a lab setting.

Luckily, this is just a temporary effect. Many people within the field talk about a 3-month cycle, where the sperms rejuvenate on a 3-month cycle.

Earlier research has shown that an extra degree Celcius or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit can have a damaging effect on sperm quality.

So, if you are aiming at getting kids within the next three months, you might look at optimizing your chances.


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